A Love to Heal: An Empathy of You

When the skies part and the universe unveils it's beauty,
we see.
We see all that is before us and behind us, the things
heard and unheard,
And still we remain stuck in our day-to-day routine.
But when souls meet and sew the skies again, the sun
shines like a happy drunkard, never lost, feeling good.
I am reminded of the life not wasted as I stand
In the doorway to a garden. How the primrose and lilac
and oleander merge,
And the sage that enthralls my soul brings back that
Fateful day that light first caused my eyes to strain.
Still at home my heart lay, but within one my soul rests as
I reach for my roots in the heavens and find solidarity
in myself.
And the combination of circles and lines, rings and fingers,
Will forever entice my tongue, a taste unbearable to most
As we soar into the distant unknown, and live
nothing but life,
And breathe nothing but love and purity,
And exist solely in a realm that is ours.
Because the world spins in one direction,
Because there is no wind that can calm the sea,
Because nothing else can come of age,
And the benevolence of this relies on the serenity
of devotion.
But to you my love flows, always directly, it's facade
never superficial,
And the quiescence of memory engages our lives
Like flames to a spit, slowly roasting our delicious existence
And through it all you guide me like the lightkeeper
who attends the beam
Keeping our solace from jagged turmoil;
Within you I step into blossom.

M.R. Steele

Note: Mike Steele wrote this poem to be read at the wedding of his cousin.

Music is "A Time For Us"

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