That one child whom I never knew
with skin so fair and eyes of blue.
Spirited away one Tuesday morn
just as she had never been born.
I picture her face in dreams at night.
From heart and mind there's never flight.
She's tall and slender as her parents,
brought up within the Sacraments.
I wonder, too, if she thinks of me
and what she'd do, if we were free
to talk and cry and share one dinner.
Would I be a saint or sinner?
I'd know her at once, if she came near.
What would she do? That's what I fear.
I still have love for, as parents do,
the child that I never knew.

Found: January 8, 2004

First Holy Communion

Senior Photo 1984

Glamor Girl in shades

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out there, who NEED access
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