~ Who You Are ~

It matters not to me where you've been or what you've done.
Only who you are today and, if you're having fun.
Our experience dictates who we are to become.
The bad times and the good, we are of all these the sum.

I know inside there's sometimes pain though your head's held high.
Flashing smiles for all to see, but deep inside you cry.
Bite your lip and grit your teeth, when life makes you just sigh.
Don't judge life by what you've been through, asking, "Oh, God, why?".

You are extremely beautiful, this I wrote before.
This despite the turmoil and sadness that you bore.
You've stood enough for anyone and a whole lot more.
Be proud of what you've accomplished. Stand and give a roar.

Meet each approaching day head-on, as if it were free.
Give gentle care, guidance, and love to those close to thee.
Take the necessary time to satisfy your need.
Take positive emotional stimulus from me.

And so, I'm learning who you are, liking more each day.
I'm beginning to read between lighter shades of grey.
I do that by listening to ev'ry word you say.
And I say to you, in return, do not be afraid.

Music is "You Are So Beautiful"

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