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This Osprey was something to behold. The fish is a weakfish (Trout), based on it's size I would estimate 5 to 6 pounds. You could almost see the muscles in the bird's wings straining to gain altitude. Watching them "fish" on the Indian River near the Space Center in Florida is a real treat. How they know when a given fish is going to be within talon distance to the surface of the water is beyond me. This guy flew to the top of a power pole and rested a bit, ate a little fish dinner and then flew back to her nest to feed her young. This photo was taken in 1990. My son, Joe, and I would go on Photo Safaris on the weekends.

A Hawk takes flight

Snake hunting hawk

A Blue Heron in silhouette

America's Symbol at the wait

Same eagle, different perspective

Osprey hen screeching for her mate.

Brown Pelicans Waiting

Pelicans in flight, and meaning business

An egret fishing

A hawk takes to home

Ducks, ducks and more ducks, and in the rear center are two white pelicans,
which are very rare for Florida

A hawk in a tree

Hawk on a tightrope

Another bird on a wire

And he's off!

A heron perching in a treetop

An eagle near it's nest at dusk

A pair of hawks on the wire

The American bald eagle in flight

Watchful eyes

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