~A Woman's Perogatory~

It's a woman's perogatory
to send mixed signals and misconstrue,
show indignation at honesty,
questioning all you say, write, or do.

Jump down your throat for a single word,
mention an age gap over a song.
She can say "love" or "she doesn't care"
about motives or if you are wrong.

She can desire to be with you,
but, Man, be careful, don't get too close.
If she suspects you want something more,
of her mind she will give you a dose.

She'll worry about what "they" will say,
but don't even try to set her free.
She'll change all your words and say, "It's lies!",
then avow there cannot be a "We".

What's a person to do with his heart
as she pulls one way then another,
taking innocent "Kindred Spirits",
turning them into "Star-crossed Lovers"?

I know exactly what she fancies,
she doesn't want an allegory.
Just to have her cake and eat it too.
It's a Woman's perogatory.

There is somewhere in Florida, a friend of a friend, who always said "It's my perogatory!". That was all I needed to know to write this for her.

Music is "Zombie"

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