This was my second trip to Alabama. I was there briefly about 1991 or so. I love the tree covered mountains there as they remind me of home. I love trees and forests. I believe we should all do whatever we can to prevent their exploitation by those with only profit in their minds.
I did take the capitol tour while there and found the history involving the secession of the Southern states very interesting. The twin circular staircases were hand made and set. Alabama's capitol building is very ornate with many beautiful chandeliers. The building sits on the side of the hill, and you can see from the photo of the marble steps that there are more steps on the left than on the right. I was in Montgomery early on a Saturday morning, so the city was fairly quiet.

The reverse of the jump page photo of the Capitol Building in Montgomery

Below there is a photo of an obelisk under repair.
On one side is this inscription:
"Fame's temple boasts no higher name
No king is grander on his throne
No glory shines with brighter gleam
The name of patriot stands alone."
The initials are G. T. R.
I think, this to be a memorial to those patriots who gave their all.
There were no signs about to identify the obelisk.

The Alabama Liberty Bell replica

The slanted steps

Montgomery, Alabama from the capitol steps

Montgomery again

One of twin spiral staircases

An old legislative chamber

The other staircase

Up into the dome

Looking down the staircase

One of the many chandeliers

The obelisk mentioned above

A Tribute to Law Enforcement

The Flame of Freedom

The Troy State University Tower

A church

Another church

The first capitol of the Confederacy

The Alabama Board of Realty

A birdie heheheheh

The forests of Alabama

Another view of the forest

Taken from a state park near Troy, AL

The park overlooks a gorge

Down into the gorge

An Alabama rest stop

Uniontown, AL

The stone work

More of the masonry

Music is "Alabama"

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