What a wonderful town! I spent almost two days in Chicago and enjoyed every minute. I spent a lot of time on the shores of Lake Michigan photographing the city and the lakefront. I also got to see the Cubs play the San Francisco Giants at Wrigley Field.

The Chicago skyline from the Shedd Aquarium

The Sears Tower

From Soldier Field

Police patrol of Burnham Harbor

Boats in Yacht Club

Sailing the Harbor

The Harbor Light

A jetty protecting the harbor

Chicago wildlife

Look, Ma, four hands

Take my photo, please

A gull

Some ducks

A duckling

Another duck

The Beaver Totem

Alder Planetarium

Soldier Field

It was being remodeled

The Shedd Aquarium (front)

Shedd Aquarium (rear)

They said, "take my picture"; I did.

The Field Museum

St. Ignasius College

Holy Family Church

This street in north Chicago leads to

Wrigley Field

Lane Tech

No Idea, I just liked the clock tower
While driving on Lake Shore Drive, I spotted another totem. I drove down to the lakeshore to find it. I ended up in an area containing a marina and a park with beach. There is only one entrance to this area, and while there a gas leak developed and no one was allowed in or out. The Chicago police, fire department, telephone company and the gas company were there to fix it. The following photos were taken while I was trapped there.

North Chicago from the marina

Some of the boats there

Sailboats on Lake Michigan

The beach

The fire department starts to arrive

The area is taped off

A fire hose is showering the leak area

I had to get a closer look

This is as close as they would allow me

The parties in conference
Shortly after the conference we were allowed to leave. I was there about 3 hours, and was beginning to wonder, if I'd miss the game. All of the police and fire fighters were professional and friendly. I never did get to photograph the totem. One officer told me it's not accessible by automobile.

Music is "Chicago"

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