~Washington, DC~

Our Nation's Capitol

I couldn't begin to tell how many times I've visited Washington, DC. But I can relate my first visit. 1960, Cherry Blossom Festival. The first year our drill team got an invitation to compete. We were Company O, 5th Regiment of the Pershing Rifles National Military Proficiency Organization. We went back in 1961 and 1962 also. We did have fun and did win many trophies. I remember Bennie's Lounge and Joey Dee and the Starlighters performing there. Four chairs around a table big enough for an ashtray and four bottles of beer.
But my visits after that were of a more serious nature. I visited the Pentagon while in the U.S.Army to check my Personnel File. But my most recent visits were primarily to visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The saddest place I've ever been. This past visit, I couldn't help but notice the high percentage of Asian people in attendance. Better than half the people I saw there were of Asian heritage. I believe that they appreciate the efforts of Vietnam veterans more than most Americans do.

The Washington Monument

The flag at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

A statue of Ullyses S. Grant

The Mall from the steps of the Capitol

The Lincoln Memorial

The Mall from the Lincoln Memorial

The Wall as seen from the sculpture

The sculpture at The Wall

Taking the photo of The Wall above

At the Nation's Capitol

Music is "America the Beautiful", "The Battle Hymn of the Republic",
and "God Bless America"

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