Pleasant surprises: The two places I visited that were not on my itinerary (Glacier N.P. and here) were two of the most amazingly beautiful places I saw. Death Valley was mesmerizing. It literally took my breath away. The reds, oranges, yellows, white, ecru, black, brown and green. And the sky was so blue. Colors I never expected to find here. I originally planned on driving to the entrance and taking a few photos and driving back out. I couldn'tdo that once I saw it. I found on the may 93 mile loop into the valley from Nevada and back out further south so I took that route. I ran out of film. The next time I'll be prepared. I'd like to drive all the way through from California to Nevada. Hypnotic!

Looking into the Valley with the Panamint Range in the far background

These bushes line the road in several areas

Here you can see the up and down of the road.

A couple of more looks

Into the valley

Some parts are flat as an ironing board

The Old Harmony Borax Works

Old Harmony on the hillside

A closeup
Those of you ancient enough to remember the TV program "Death Valley Days" sponsered by Boraxo. Where they talked about their 20 mule team borax. Well, this is where that originates. The borax was transported by 20 mule team wagons to the railhead 165 miles away. Borax was mined here from 1881 to 1889. Old Harmony is now a registered California Historical landmark.





more of the valley

And a ridgeline


The valley floor

The Hole in the Wall

Who would hide out here?

A dry creek bed

A resort hotel in the valley

I was at and below sea level

Several times

Did someone say HOT?

This is Furnace Creek
It was downhill all the way. Late that morning is passed through Tioga pass in Yosemite N.P. at an elevation of 9940 feet. A few hours later I was in Furnace Creek at an elevation of 190 feet below sea level. A downhill ride of 10,130 feet. And there are lower points in the valley bottoming out at 282 feet below sea level at Backwater Basin.

Music is "Cool Water"

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