The Everglades is another place I always wanted to visit when I lived in Florida, but never seemed to get around to. It seems as though we see more when traveling than we do when living in a place. The are hundreds of places here in Erie that I want to see, but never have the time. I suppose that's why I chose to retire a little early. To see things and places. The grandchildren and I left about 9:30 AM. We had a great time. It was a long day, and we didn't get back to my timeshare until after midnight. Around 11:00PM or so I said to Bryant, my grandson, "We've travelled over 800 miles now, Bryant." His reply made my heart jump a little. "Yes, Granpa, and I've loved every mile." I hope you enjoy these photos as much as we did taking them.

The Everglades

Catherine and I at the entrance

Catherine with a Florida Panther

More Everglades


They were all over the place

Taking off

Flying away

Coming in for a landing

A Turkey Buzzard in flight

The Egret landed and searching for food

The grandchildren take a well needed rest

These are what those Egrets are looking for

This is what it looks like inside a Hammock

Egrets on the border of a hammock

Hammocks dotting the horizon

We decided this is an American Crocodile

Look at the snout

Heading for the shadows

The waters of the Everglades

More water

Turkey Buzzard at rest

He let me come in close

Mr. Raccoon looking for lunch

A town long the Tamiami Trail

The sun sets on Tamiami

A long day for the girls
Daniel was sleeping shortly after I took this.
Bryant kept me company the whole way home.
Good kids. I love them.

Music is "Distant Dreams"
An original composition by Bruce DeBoer

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