I couldn't begin to count how many times I've been through Georgia. How many trips up and down the East Coast between Erie and Florida? I can tell you of the friendliness of it's citizens, and that I've seriously considered retiring there. In the north end, "somewhere greener, somewhere warmer".
The photos here were taken during my trip of 2003 and during my visit to Atlanta for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games. A little about that. I took a son, one daughter, and her boyfriend. I'll say this about that. I ordered tickets in advance because they were supposed to be sold out in most venues. What a mistake. Tickets were plentiful up to about an hour before the events. I even paid a premium for the men's basketballl tickets in hopes of seeing Team USA. However, the game we saw was a couple of no-name teams from Third World Countries. We did see the USA Baseball team though. We were trounced by Japan. Nine to one as I recall.
I'm not sure where I'll hang my hat when I do settle into my retirement. Probably on the road somewhere or everywhere.
EDIT NOTE: On May 2, 2005, I had another chance to visit the Georgia State Capitol. Between visits to daughters in South Carolina and Florida, I had the opportunity to meet with yet another of my online friends in Rome, Georgia. See photos Rome and Berry College. I left early enough in the morning to stop off in Atlanta for another photo shoot of the city. The added photos are dated.

The Georgia Capitol at dusk

The other side of the Capitol in early morning.

The Atlanta Skyline
I'm not sure where I was when I shot the skyline photo. It must have been from the Olympic Stadium. That's the only place I remember being that high up.

Another morning shot of the capitol building

Inside the dome

The twin stairways leading up each end of the capitol building.

This is an early morning shot of the dusk photo above

The State Judicial Building

Fulton County Administration Building

James Earl (Jimmy) Carter, Jr.

Statue of Liberty replica

Georgia's Replica Liberty Bell
Fifty-five bells were struck as part of a savings bond drive held from May 15 to July 4, 1950 with the slogan "Save for Your Independence." They were given to the 50 states, the District of Columbia and the U.S Territories, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands. The Truman Library in Independence, MO has one (Harry was president) and one is in Annecy-le-Vieux, France the city where the replicas were cast in 1950.
The bells were to be displayed for the public and rung on patriotic occasions. Some are rather difficult to locate as they have been relegated to storage and/or refurbishing or to display in universities, libraries and museums.
Those I could find located near or in capitols as originally intended are pictured on these pages.

Some skyline from a park in Altanta

Part of the park

More of the park

Turner Field
Unless those columns support a cover of some kind, relaxing in the park on the left in July and August would not be fun.

Red Top Mountain State Park

The manmade lake

Boaters on the lake

One of the boat launches

The dam that forms the lake

Another view

Beautiful forests surround the lake

Tall trees

A creek down there


People were lined up for three blocks waiting to enter Centennial Olympic Park. We were from sidewalk to sidewalk. You'll remember there was a bomb exploded there about two weeks before our visit. But things were peaceful and serene while we were there. Just as the park was designed.

The Omni

The game inside the Omni

Olympic Stadium

Way out in left center field

Another view of Atlanta

The Olympic Flame

The CNN Building from Centennial Park

The Coca Cola Building with famous faces

The Capitol at night and on the way home

Music is "Georgia"

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