I took so many photos while at the canyon, and I had a very tough time deciding what to place here and what not to place here. So I made two pages. In addition to the canyon you will see the Tusayan Ruins. The Tusayan Tribe lived at the canyon rim about 800 years ago and stayed here about 25 or thirty years. It's thought that no more than 30 people lived here at any given time.
Following the ruins is a very pleasant sunset over the canyon.

This photo shows part of the Tonto Platform with the Inner Gorge in the foreground.

One of many trenches leading to the inner gorge

The Unkar Delta
The Inner Gorge of the canyon is a canyon within a canyon. It is the deepest part eroded by the Colorado. It's depth of 1000 feet would dwarf most other canyons in the world. At it's deepest point it is 1200 feet deep.
The broad sandy area in the right photo is the Unkar Delta. It was formed by the Unkar Creek carrying rock debris to the canyon floor. Prehistoric Pueblo poeple occupied areas on the Delta and along the creek for about 350 years from about 850 to 1200 A.D. Prehistoric remains on the Delta include dwellings and evidence of agriculture.

The Watchtower, another design of Mary Colter

The Colorado River

The left photo is the entire Watchtower. It was designed by Mary Jane Colter and opened in 1933. She was contracted to design the buildings at the Canyon because of her expertise in the architecture of the early inhabitants of the area. She suprevised the construction down to the placement of nearly every stone. This gift shop and viewing tower holds to that form of architecture.
The photo on the right and the left one below is dusk falling over the canyon. The one on the lower right is Cedar Mountain, which I photographed as I was leaving the Park.

~The Tusayan Ruins~

A small Kiva or gathering place

A large Kiva

Storage rooms

Living quarters - probably two stories were here

An agricultural area

More storage rooms

~The Sunset~

The late afternoon sun over the Canyon

An eerie feeling comes over you at sunset at the Canyon. There's a silence that chills the soul.

Music is "Canyon Voices"
An Original composition by Bruce DeBoer

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