~Harrisburg, Pennsylvania~

The one thing that impressed me about Harrisburg is the Capitol Building. It is one of the oldest and most ornate in the nation. The interior is simply beautiful. It is constructed all in marble, granite and gold. A place fit for kings. The building itself is enough to make me proud to be from Pennsylvania. The city is kept clean and the people are very friendly. I used a library there to send some emails, and I was made to feel welcome. I used a lot of libraries in a lot of states, and public libraries are just that. No one ever asked where I was from or, if I had a library card. Public library systems are one of the most important benefits of a free society.

The oldest metal span bridge in the United States. It was constructed in 1888.
It is closed to vehicular traffic, but you can walk or bike across.

Our Capitol Building

Another view

The interior staircase

Some of the ornate decor

A window and part of the ceiling

The Keystone outside the main entrance

From the Capitol steps toward the Susquehanna River

A street looking toward the Capitol, visible on the extreme right.

I drove across this old stone bridge while on my way out of Harrrisburg.

Music is "Breathless"
An Original composition by Bruce DeBoer

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