I had two thrilling experiences in Illinois. The first was meeting a longtime online friend. Thank you, Michelle, it was great to finally see your blue eyes in person. You readers can visit her HERE (Heartgift) and HERE (MsCasey)
The second thrill was walking in Abe's footsteps. After meeting Michelle I didn't want to go all the way back to East St. Louis to go up to Springfield. I was still behind schedule, and it was too much backtracking. On the way to Michelle's I saw a sign pointing the way to Vandalia, IL. Vandalia was the State Capitol from 1819 to 1839. One capitol is as good as another so off I went to Vandalia. I'm so glad I did.
This trip was full of pleasant surprises. First. . . well, they are too many to list here. If you've been to the other pages, you know what they were. This is one amazing country in which we live. I can only pray that the damage done to it by the present administration in Washington isn't irreparable. The natural wonders of the U.S. are far to valuable to be entrusted to the oil and timber interests.
Vandalia, IL was onother of these pleasant surprises. I walked in the footsteps of Abraham Lincoln. I saw the room where he introduced his first bill to the legislature, where he served with and debated with Stephen Douglas. The place where he began his illustrious political career. The temperature was in the 90's, but I shivered with a chill. I'm finding that history is a much more interesting subject when you walk in it's wake.

The Capitol Building

The Repesentative's Room

The Senate Room

Another view of the Representative's Room

The Illinois Supreme Court bench

The State's Attorney's table

Lincoln Park

Across the street from the Capitol Building

Young Abe

Downtown Vandalia

The staircase in the Capitol Building

The clock tower in Marion, IL

Music is "Illinois"

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