About a hundred years (really about thirty) ago I made a detour on my way from Erie to Fort Bliss, Texas and came to a place called Baxter Springs, Kansas. It's a small town in the southeast corner of Kansas and my mother lived there for a while as a young girl. I made the detour just to photograph the city limit sign for her.
So this was my second visit to the Wheat State. I didn't see much then, and I'm sad to say that outside of Topeka, I didn't see much this time. I was racing against time now and had three more states to go before I could rest in my own bed. And there were two promised locations to visit and three state capitols to see. So what I did see, was along I-70. I hope you enjoy the photos.

These flags were flying over the rest stop just east of the Colorado/Kansas border

A small town, owing it's existence to wheat stored in the silos, complete with church

The wheat fields of Kansas

Kansas is flat

But there is oil there

I saw hundreds of wells like these

These are mushroom rocks

They are found all over western Kansas

The Capitol Building in Topeka

A close up
The capitol building was undergoing major repairs and construction of what looked like an underground parking facility or a bomb shelter. There were no signs that gave a hint of which. As I looked at the gable I wondered why they couldn't have found or cut stones of similar size so the face would be flush.

The dome cap was being repaired

Kansas' Liberty replica

The "bomb shelter"

The grader tells the size

Nightfall in Kansas

Followed by a beautiful sunset

Music is "Home On The Range"

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