"Little Big Horn Battlefield National Monument memorializes one of the last armed efforts of the Northern Plains Indians to preserve their ancestral way of life." So starts the battle description by the National Park Service. In one of the worst violations of military strategy, (know the strength of your enemy) LtCol. George Armstrong Custer led his command of about 600 men into battle with an Indian force numbering in the thousands. He knew nothing of their strength and numbers. He also attacked them in a high state of morale, due to their defeat of Gen. George Crook one week ealier at the Battle of Rosebud. Although the Indians won the battle, they would soon lose the war as they were faced with overwhelming numbers of U. S. soldiers.
They are finally building a monument to the Indians, who fought so bravely there. It is under construction now. I say, it's about time. They earned it. Enjoy the photos of Litle Big Horn.

The indian encampment was along this area of the Little Big Horn River

The view from Last Stand HIll

These markers denote where each United

States Cavalryman fell and was originally buried

Their bodies were later moved to a memorial site

Another view of the Indian campsite

A couple of mock Indian villages

Near the Little Big Horn

The Little Big Horn River

A closer look

Bands of wild horses roam free there

Another band

And another

More horses

Lots of horses

Roadrunner? beep-beep

And some cattle

One horse left standing

About 220 soldiers are buried here

The monument on Last Stand Hill

The Indian Memorial under construction

The sign at the Monument

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