Add one more the the list of states with a skyscraper for a capitol building. I really enjoyed my stay in Louisiana, especially New Orleans, which ranks right up there with my favorite cities visited. I would like to go there during Mardi Gras. The Bayou is ominous and seems to go on forever. And the Superdome, well, I couldn't fit it in my viewfinder from where I was. But the French Quarter was the best and most interesting place in the state for me. New Orleans and the French Quarter are on another page.

The Louisiana Capitol building from "down the street"

The capitol gardens from the observation tower

The Bayou

A lone fisherman awaits his catch

More of the Bayou

Two cattle in the setting sun over the Bayou

The bridge to Shreveport

The Shreveport skyline

Casinos in Shreveport

A mural I found interesting

The sculptures on the facade

of the Louisiana Capitol building

The facade

The tower

The Baton Rouge skyline

The Casino Rouge, a floating casino

The mural over an elevator

The main lobby

The Senate chambers

The House chambers

A view from the observation platform

Baton Rouge

The Mississippi River

The Casino boat dock

Another view from the top

Looking down into an inlet

In the Gardens

More of the Gardens

The Gardens and part of the city

One of the many churches of Baton Rouge

Historical sign for

St. Josephs Cathedral and an office building

Music is "Louisiana Saturday Night"

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