Massachusetts is another place I could have stayed longer. But you'll see by the photos that I did see a lot. They are very patriotic, as I observed more U.S. flags on display there than in any other state. However, I observed more flags displayed improperly there also. Also I ran into the worst drivers in Mass, and I was in 12 states including New York, New Jersey, and D.C. No highway courtesy existed in Mass at all. The things I enjoyed most were Wolf Hollow and the drive out to Cape Cod.

This totem stands in front of a rest stop near Yarmouth, Ma.
The sculpture is called "Enisketomp", "Human Being" by Peter "Wolf" Toth.

The sunrise over the Great Salt Marsh

The Boston Skyline, and still building.

The marker for the Massachusetts Bay Colony

An Ipswich house

The Ipswich Town Hall

Downtown Ipswich

Some bikers in Ipswich

Widow's Walk.
NOTE: The house above right has a structure on top, which is called a "Widow's Walk. When the fishermen went to sea and time for their return came closer, the wives of these men would go to the small rooms and watch for the ships. And since so many of these men were lost at sea, these structures became known as Widow's Walks.

The entrance to Cape Cod National Seashore

The bay shore

The Highland Light at Truro on Cape Cod, MA

Another view of the highland light looking in from the sea. The
views from here are magnificent. I stood next to the marker in
the next photo to take this one. The dirt path running to the left
is for golf carts. Yeah, it's on a golf course. The original light,
which stood from 1857 to 1996, was replaced due to the erosion
of the original site, which occupied ten acres. Now only three
acres of the original site remain. The ocean knows no boundaries,
no limits. It is relentless. There is a museum here where you
can see the history of the Cape Cod Highland Light.

The marker for the original Highland Light.

The sea shore viewed from the Highland Site.

Another view of the Cape Cod seashore

A Memorial Marker for those lost at sea.

A golfer chips to the green adjacent to the Hoghland Light.

I was in Yarmouth, NS, Ca, and Yarmouth, Ma two days apart.

Cape Cod Bay

Another view of the Bay

Everyone in Mass must have a boat.

More boats on Cape Cod Bay

The Fishermen's Memorial

The Essex Salt Marsh

Part of the "Great Marsh" covering 17,000 acres.

It extends from Cape Ann into New Hampshire.

These unique ecosystems support numerous plants and animals.
The sunrise at the top of the page was taken near here.

The Low Marsh is flooded twice daily by the tides.

The High Marsh is flooded only sporadically.
Salt marshes contain tidal creeks, pools, and islands of high ground, and serve as highly efficient pollution filters. Nationwide, vast areas of salt marsh have been destroyed by filling, dredging and developing upland areas. The Great Marsh has escaped much of this destruction, but is impacted by pollution runoff and by road and rail crossings which restrict tidal flows to upstream marshes.

Gull with the Great Salt Marsh in background

The entrance sign for Wolf Hollow

Wolf Hollow in Ipswich, Ma. a non-profit endangered wildlife
educational facility.

They charge $75 per hour to take photos from a porch
without the fences in the way.

The Asst. Director of Wolf Hollow, Joni Soffron

Joni feeds the Alpha female, TeeBee, some cheese.

To learn more about the Grey Wolf and Wolf Hollow visit their website at WOLF HOLLOW

Music is "Massachusetts"

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