The Lower Peninsula

From Ohio I made a right and found myself in Michigan. I, immediately, had to take a detour and found myself on a country backroad, stopped for a train. This must have been the longest train in the world, or so I thought at the time as I waited there for what seemed like hours, but in reality was more like 30 minutes. Soon after that I was on my way to Lansing. After visiting the state capitol I headed for Saginaw and the Saginaw Bridge over the Saginaw River. I then headed for the shores of Lake Huron and the lighthouse at Presque Isle. On my way there I crossed the 45th Parallel for the first time on this trip. The significance of the 45th parallel is that it marks the half way point between the Equator and the North Pole. I would cross it a few more (at least six) times on my trip. From Presque Isle I drove up to Mackinaw City and spent the night. After the sunrise I crossed the Mackinac Bridge to the Upper Peninsula.
I've separated the Upper and Lower Peninsulas for two reasons. First, it cuts down on the number of images on this page, and second it follows my plan to separate the National Parks, Forests and Seashores from the states in general. So at the bottom of the page, where the links to my Home Page and to the page you just came from, you will find a link to Pictured Rocks. That is Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
Come along with me now as we continue the Trek.

Dawn over Lake Huron near the Mackinac Bridge. Lake Huron impressed me
as being the calmest and smoothest of the Great Lakes

Downtown Lansing

Skyline with the capitol building

The Capitol Building Lansing, Michigan

Lansing Sculpture
When I first approached this sculpture, I thought them to be two tourists. I was paying more attention to the Capitol building and was surprised to see that this was a work of art and that I would see more.

Another work of art in Lansing

And the third

A sailboat on Lake Huron, Au Sable Point

Another sailor from the same location

The lighthouse at Presque Isle, MI

The same lighthouse with light shown

A distant shot of the Presque Isle light

And one with light shown

The Mackinac Bridge at night

And at dawn

In daylight with bird in view just before I crossed to
the Upper Peninsula

This is me at the Mackinac Light location waiting
for the sunrise

The Mackinac Light (being restored)

Another side of the Mackinac Light

The sunrise over Lake Huron begins

And continues
At first it seemed like a routine sunrise as many I experienced last year in New England. So I was heading to my car to hit the road, when the sky suddenly turned bright orange. I hurriedly turned to get the next photo. That's why it's at an angle.

A slightly tilted sunrise

Then I settled down to get this shot

Click here to see Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore

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