~Mount Washburn and the Wildlife~

It didn't look that high, it didn't look that far. But it was, and it was, and I kept telling myself, "one step at a time". There were many times I didn't want to take that one step, many times I wished for a car to take me back down. But I made it, "one step at a time". I know the term "mountain climbing brings up visions of ropes and pitons and Sherpa guides to many of you. This had none of those. It was just a three mile walk up a service road with a rise of about 1400 feet from the parking area. It really didn't look that far. This is what the sign said:

In any event, I did have my jacket and my hat (the wind tried to take it from my head a few times) and my camera, but no water, and no extra film, no gloves, and no bear gun. They were right about the weather and there was an afternoon storm. In the photos from the top you can see the rain coming. As I came back down and got to my car it started to pour. I spent the night at the Canyon Village Campground. Enjoy the photos.

The arrow said, "this way". So that's the way I went.

The sign at the top of Mount Washburn

This is looking north. The trail runs to the west (left) of this
ridge line. You can see part of it as a grey line running left
to right just below center.

Now we zoom in and this photo roughly shows the upper right
of the previous one. There's a grey area nearly direct center.
That is where my car was parked.

~The views from the top~

North: Montana and the Gallatin National Forest

East: Over the Yellowstone Canyon and Wyoming

South: With the storm approaching

West: With the Gallatin Range in the back

Tthe elevation marker

The service road I traveled

~The Yellowstone Wildlife~

I was treated to this herd of elk grazing as I entered the park. They were across from Park Headquarters at Mammoth Hot Springs.

They didn't care, if we were there or not

Cows and calves, no bulls were there

There were a lot of them

I caught this chipmunk near a waterfall

Osprey nests are on the canyon walls

An osprey takes flight

And one returns home

Here's where the bulls were

Cooling it in the meadow

No fighting this time of year

Look over there

Look over here, Gotcha!

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