This vacation was chock full of surprises. There were several states that I knew so little about that I didn't know what to see there. I knew I was going to see the state capitols, but what places I would visit in addition to those was decided in most cases, but in Nebraska I had no clue. So when I was talking to the girl from Triple A, I said, "Mark a couple of points of interest that you think I might enjoy. If I have time I can make side-trips to see them." Let me just say, Nebraska is a very beautiful state. I didn't want to see Omaha as that is overly crowded. I did want to see Lincoln, the capitol. And I wanted to visit a small town along the Oregon Trail. So when I picked up my triptic, I saw that they had marked off a side trip to Chimney Rock and Scott's Bluff. I was running ahead of schedule, so I decided to drive up there for a look. It was only about 90 miles round trip. What I saw there can be seen by taking the Chimney Rock/Scott's Bluff link at the bottom. (I think you now know that I will link National Parks and places like that from the page of the state where they are located) For the most part Nebraska is flat as a pancake. When the Oto Indians named it nebrathka, which means "flat water", they were referring to the Platte River, which meanders across the state and was followed by the settlers as they journeyed west. But the further west you go, it rises. This transition is from the long grass plain to the short grass plain. The terrain starts changing. The wonders begin. Come with me on my trek through Nebraska.

The sun takes it's first peek over the plains

I did say it was flat

The hay harvest

A Nebraska ranch - rangelands are plentiful in Nebraska

The Great Platte River Road Archway Monument

A view into the city of Lincoln, Nebraska

A walkway across the street

THe Lincoln Civic Center

The capitol building from afar. This is the first state capitol
located in a skyscraper that I found.

A closer look at the capitol, which was built around an existing
building which still held sessions.

My first look at a real canyon

And closer

This one overlooks Lake Mc Conaughy

The lake and the plains beyond

The lake is formed by a dam on the North Platte River

A view of Ash Hollow, man's presence here dates back 8000 years

Nebraska daybreak

The sunrise continues

My first view of buffalo

outside the confines of a zoo
Thanks to the efforts of many wildlife conservation groups the buffalo is making a comeback in the wild. These pictured here, I suspect are not in the wild, but being raised as livestock. I believe this because they are fenced in pastures. But later in my trek I saw up close more herds of free roaming buffalo. And I do mean close. I could have reached out the car window and touched at least one.

Another group of tepees at a tourist stop.
The Indian influence is abundant.

US Rte 20 runs through Erie about 5 blocks from my house.
It crosses the U.S.
Click here for Chimney Rock and Scott's Bluff

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