DESERT. Can you say desert? I had to change my itinerary as I got into Nevada. (again) I had planned on driving up to Carsen City, the Capitol, and over to Lake Tahoe, but I headed straight to Las Vegas. (well, except for the short stop in Death Valley) Did I tell you how much I enjoyed Death Valley?
Much of Nevada is desert and mountains. There are names on the map like: Mud Lake (Dry), Papoose Lake (Dry), Yucca Lake (Dry), Frenchman Lake (Dry), Groom Lake (Dry). Well you get the idea. It's a desert. So most of the photos you will see here are desert with mountains in the background.
I also drove past Nellis AFB Bombing and Gunnery Range and Indian Springs AFB. Those are on the ends of what is known as the Nuclear Testing Site. Let's hope they don't open that up again.
I hope you enjoy the beauty of the Desert.

The top sign was as I entered Nevada from California.
The bottom as I exited at Hoover Dam.

I passed through about 9 towns like this

A red church

The roads are pretty straight

Another straight stretch

These trees (?) were all over

Dumping unlawful!?

A giant screw coming out of the earth

Another interesting rock formation

Pointed peaks

Soft peaks

Eroded peaks

Colorful hills

Black peaks

A dirt road into the mountains

The ever-present Desert and mountains

Lake Mead

Lake Mead, is named after Dr. Elwood Mead, the U.S. Reclamation Commissioner between 1924 and 1936. It is a man made lake created by Hoover Dam. When the lake is 'full', it has over 550 miles of shoreline and covers about 247 square miles. Within the five basins of Lake Mead it can store almost 2 years average flow from the Colorado River. The light areas on the sides of the mountains show the "full" line. The lake is at relatively low levels the past few years. More water being let out than has been coming in from winter runoffs in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Wyoming.
For information about why the Lake rises and falls go to National Park Service News and Weather

For a look at Las Vegas, Nevada Click Las Vegas.

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