~New Hampshire~

I actually was in New Hampshire twice. I travelled through the chimney while going from Vermont to Maine, and then I traveled through New Hampshire again as I came down the coast.
I've wanted to visit Hampton Beach since I was in college in 1960. I had dated a girl who lived there and the verbal pictures she painted were something I had to see. She did not exaggerate, New Hampshire, as is all of New England, is beautiful. See for yourself.

The covered bridge spanning the Connecticut River looking from New Hampshire to Vermont

The majestic White Mountains

A roadside view of the mountains

The White Mountains of New Hampshire

A roadside house in Jefferson, NH

The Jefferson Historical Museum

The museum is in this old church. (needs some work)

Hampton Beach

Hampton House Hotel

Farther down the road, Hampton's main drag

A memorial to those lost at sea in war

Sun worshipers

A front view of the Memorial

The shore

A closer look

To the north

And south

Out across the Atlantic

Surf's up!

A couple of sand sculptures

I happened across on the beach

Looking from the sea

I just couldn't resist.

More of the shore

And the surf

Music is "New Hampshire"

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