~New Jersey~

A very exciting thing happened in New Jersey. I found my son Tom, whom I had not seen in 34 years. It was a wonderful feeling to be welcomed into his home. Tom is a colorist/illustrator for DC comics. He lives with his son Zack. Thanks for the visit, Tom.
Another thing I did in NJ was to visit Fort Dix where I took Basic and Advanced training in 1966. It has changed, but it hasn't changed, if you know what I mean.

This is where I found Tom

The Manhattan skyline from Bayonne, NJ

More New York from New Jersey

And another

Statue of Liberty and NY skyline

A closer look

A little closer

And closest from Bayonne

Ellis Island and the Lady

The Lady from Liberty Park, NJ

More Ny skyline from Liberty Park

Another view

A panoramic view of the Manhattan skyline from Liberty Park, NJ
I'm sad to say that this skyline will never look the same again.
September 11, 2001 is the saddest day in our history.

The cranes of Bayonne, NJ docks. You would not believe the
cargo coming through here.

The old Central Railroad New Jersey Terminal
at Liberty Park

The entrance to Fort Dix, where I took Basic and
Advanced Individual Training.

Walson Hospital. I spent four days there after a flu shot.
It gave me the flu.

This doe was walking across the parade grounds.

Then she decided to pose for me.

The Air power of the Infantry.

And Land power

With all that fire power, this is what takes, occupies,
and holds the terrain from the enemy.
The Infantry Soldier, a necessary force
yet today.

These geese were feeding on Ft. Dix and I was reminded of
"police call". The entire unit lined up to pick up any trash
in the company area, gum wrappers, cigarette butts,
anything not dirt or growing. Our Drill Sergeant would say,
"All I want to see, is assholes and elbows".
Fort Dix is now only used by the U.S. Army Reserves and the
National Guard. Based on my experiences there from November
1966 to March 1967, that would be a good thing.
We, endearingly, called it the armpit of the Universe.

Music is "New Jersey"

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