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I've been to New Mexico countless times before. I was stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas, which was a stone's throw from New Mexico. I would drive to different places in the state and have seen Roswell, White Sands National Monument, Carlsbad Caverns, Albuquerque, Ruidoso and the Mescalero Apache Indian Reservation. Somewhere there are slides of those places. But you will have to be content with Four Corners, Santa Fe, the "infamous" Route 126, and the oldest standing church in the USA. I hope you enjoy these photos.

I had forgotten how much I love the adobe pueblo style of architecture.
I'm happy to say my memory has been restored.

Magnificent peaks tower above the landscape of the desert floor in the foreground.
This is Shiprock Peak.

When I awoke to see the color of the sky above, I had to rush to a vantage point to watch
this beautiful sunrise. Then on to Four Corners.

It seems Prairie Dogs will build their villages anywhere they like. This one is in the median strip of a four-lane highway. They seemed oblivious to the traffic on U.S. 64.

This sign reads: "In the late 11th century influence from Chaco Canyon, 45 miles from here, began to be felt at this site and the nearby Aztec Ruins National Monument. The Chacoans abandoned this large and well-built masonry pueblo by 1150, and shortly thereafter, Mesa Verde people reoccupied it for approximately fifty years." I found it very interesting that these adobe pueblos have survived for 900 years.

A Chimney Rock lookalike

A rugged cliff

When I left the "infamous" Route 126, I was treated to a view of these rock formations. I couldn't believe they were not painted. The red doesn't show as well here as it does live. VIVID!

Another view of the red rocks

The capitol building in Santa Fe

The back side of the capitol

A Pueblo style adobe home

These sculptures on the capitol grounds honor those peoples who lived here long ago.

The tallest building I saw in Santa Fe

Another Pueblo style building

An adobe house

Santa Fe Mass Transit Association

Many homes in Santa Fe are walled in with adobe walls like those above. In some cases the walls are right at the curb like the one on the left. Others have narrow cobblestone walks.

I especially liked the home on the left with the treed courtyard providing relief from the summer sun. The Church of San Miguel is the oldest church structure in the USA. It was built around 1610.

San Miguel Church

A cobblestone walk

To visit the Four Corners Monument CLICk FOUR CORNERS.. To see the "Infamous Route 126" CLICK NMRTE 126.

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