The City of New Orleans ranks right up there near the top of a list of cities I'd like to revisit and spend more time there. I think it would be a great experience to go there during Mardi Gras. Even in August the French Quarter provides a party atmosphere with it's jazz bands, street performers and friendly natives. It's like being in a different city from the "downtown" of New Orleans. the rush and hustle of the big city are hidden here. The pace is casual and no one seems to be in a hurry. I highly recommend a visit to New Orleans, if you haven't been there. Enjoy these photographs of the City of New Orleans and the French Quarter.

The City of New Orleans Downtown

The Super Dome is so big I couldn't get it all in the viewfinder.
This is a merged image similar to the panoramas on some of my other pages.

Entering the French Quarter

Rue de la Levee Decatur (Decatur St.)

Horse drawn cabs are the favored mode

of transportation in the Quarter

The Cab Stand

The Jackson Brewery

An ad on a truck

On of the many bridges across the Mississippi

The Moonwalk

Named for Moon Landrieu, once mayor

A steamboat from the Moonwalk

Across the Mississippi from the Moonwalk

The balconies are everywhere

Even on the sidestreets

Rue Bourbon (Bourbon Street)

Color and balconies

Looking down Bourbon St. to the city

Music everywhere

I watched him for 5 minutes and he didn't move a muscle. I
couldn't even see him breathing

She may have been on lunch or the guys talking to her wouldn't
put any money in her bucket.

Some balconies are plain

And some are very ornate

But the beads are there year round

The pace is slow and easy

heheheheh So will I

Double decker balconies

A paddlewheel river cruise boat

The Cathedral of St. Louis, King of France

A church has been on this site since 1727

The ceiling

Tha main altar

Looking back to the choir loft

Music is "The City of New Orleans"

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