My Home State

I was born here in Pennsylvania, but from 1966 to 1998 I lived in other parts of the world. So more than half of my life I've lived somewhere else. I was in the U.S. Army for 7 years and had more than ten addresses during that period. Upon leaving the service, I moved to Florida. The number of addresses there is about 15 or more in 25 years. I came back "home" in 1998. I had grown very weary of Florida and the heat and the over population, and the traffic. So as soon as practical after my children were out of school I moved to Erie. It's a beautiful place, and the view of the Lake from the ridge is breathtaking. The only drawback to living here is the Winter, and even the one we had last year (7 months of snow November to May) is not enough to make me go elsewhere. There is only one possibility of my moving upon retirement, and that is to Vermont. Go to those pages and see why. For now and forever Pennsylvania will be Home to me.
The mountains that run down the East Coast of the United States are so much older that those in the West, and because of erosion and age are much smaller and grown over with vegetation. That doesn't make them any less beautiful. They have a softer appearance and provide much oxygen to man and animals. They have a coziness about them.

The view from the summit

Two homes nestled in the Allegheny Mountains

Some of the Pennsylvania landscape

The Allegheny Mountains

A canyon in nothern PA

Another shot of the canyon

A view across the valley

Allegheny Mountain forest

A large portion of Pa is still covered with forests

Another view through the trees across the valley

Music is "Pennsylvania"

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