~Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore~

Michigan's Upper Peninsula

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is a wilderness compared to the Lower with it's big cities and industry. The Upper Peninsula sports three National Forests, a wildlife refuge, two Indian reservations, Pictured Rock National Lakeshore, and two State Parks. The largest city there has only about 22,000 people. It's an Outdoorsman's Paradise. Enjoy the view.

As soon as I crossed onto the Upper Peninsula, I encountered fog
like this. It lasted for a couple of hours. Very slow going.

This was my goal in the Upper Peninsula. I'm not sure what
I had in mind, but my expectations were exceded.

"Sandstone cliffs-- ochre, tan, brown, sandwiched with layers of white and green--tower 50 to 200 feet above the water. Lake Superior--so vast, so blue--glistens against a cloud-streaked sky. Deep forests--emerald, black, gold--open onto small lakes and waterfalls. The image is reminiscent of a master's painting: a palette of nature's colors, shapes, and textures creates the scene that is Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore."
That from the National Parks brochure and it is not overstated.

One of two Port lights near Grand Marais.

The second

A view of Miners Castle

Another formation there

A closeup view of a rock formation

A view of the cliff

The cliffs of Grand Island

More of Grand Island

Straight down to the lake

A stream leading to Lake Superior

The trail leading to Sable Falls

More of the trail
I was the first to head this way that day. I know this because of all the spider webs I broke walking along this trail. I experienced a great sense of calm and peace walking through the forest.

This is Sable Falls. Sable Creek winds its way
down to the lake with a 400 foot drop.

Another view of the falls

And a closeup

From Sable Falls it was on to Grand Sable Dunes

The dunes rise about 400 feet above the lake. An awesome sight

Blowing sands make the dunes.

One of the dunes from a distance

A closeup of a dune

Dunes and forest mix high above the lake

Dunes right down to the shore

Lake Superior from the dunes

The lake and sky make a beautiful backdrop for the trail to the dunes.
Yes, Lake Superior is that blue.
This was a wonderful place to start the Parks portion of my trip. It's a lesson in geology in the making. Seeing the water and land compete for space, and looking at places where the sand and forest fight for position. Learning how the grass plays an important part in the outcome. We live in a dynamic world, which is constantly changing. We don't see those changes because Mother Nature takes her time.

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