Mount Ranier, a towering ice-clad volcano rising 14,411 feet, is a striking landmark of the Pacific Northwest. The cap of glacial ice that conceals all but a few crags and ridges makes it doubly impressive. Although Mount Ranier is currently dormant, it is not extinct. It belongs to the class of exploding volcanos, much like Mount St. Helens, which was awakened in 1980. Quite conceivably it could erupt in the same manner.
The cap has 35 square miles of glaciers and constitutes the largest, single peak glacial system in the contiguous United States. There are 26 glaciers extending down the mountainside. Six of those originate at the summit ice cap. Forests cover Ranier up to 5000 feet, and the timberline is at 6500 feet. A large variety of wildlife, including bears, deer and mountain goats, inhabits Mount Ranier.
This is one big mountain and can be seen from great distances. I hope you enjoy the photos.
Source, AAA Tourbook.

The summit after the clouds cleared. I had to drive half way around the mountain to see the top.

Part of the glacier system

More of the glaciers

The mountain was shrouded in clouds

The summit was not visible

A look across a valley

A wider view of the summit

The forest underbrush

Part of the forest

Beautiful forests

surround Ranier

A mirror lake in the park

Another view of the lake

Blossoms, forest, a valley

A tunnel through the mountainside

A cliff on the mountain

A lesser peak of Ranier

Another view of that peak

Glaciers and a glacial valley

Another glacial valley with a single flower

Another view of that valley

A ridgeline east of Ranier

Mount Adams at 12,276 feet

The Waterfalls of Mount Ranier

The water runs down this mountain at amazing speeds. It makes you wonder just how much ice is up there. The glaciers, like most in the U.S., are receding, but these photos were taken in August. I can only imagine how much water falls off the mountain in the Spring.

No rafting here

A nearly dry runoff

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An Original composition by Bruce DeBoer

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