I bought my timeshare on Cocoa Beach about 1980. It was an inexpensive vacation spot for the kids. They grew up with friends from all over the country one week at a time each year. I believe Michele still has contact with a couple of them.
Now, it's an inexpensive vacation for me to see my children and grandchildren. I hadn't used it the past three years due to my traveling around the states. The states I haven't been in those three years? Hawaii, Texas, Oklahoma and Minnesota. That's it, just four. I'll revisit Hawaii as part of my trip around the world this Summer and Fall.
So now enjoy the photos of my grandchildren at Cocoa Beach.

The sun through palm branches

The sun comes up over a cloudy Cocoa Beach

The dunes and seagrass on Cocoa Beach

A closer look

Surf's up

And soon the kids will be surfing it

heading to the beach

A love letter preserved

Bryant gets up to ride

Catherine plays and Daniel in the hat

Catherine testing the water

"Aunt Michele, do crabs walk like this?"

Michele and Daniel in the hat

Bryant resting

Daniel rides

Melissa and her boogie board

Melissa and Bryant's friend, Aaron

Packing up to go home

A long day at the beach for a little girl

Music is "Surfin' USA"

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