~The Flowers of my State Trek~

Remembering back to the advice given me before my vacation of 2001, I once again stopped to smell the flowers. The 68 photos shown here are presented, not in the order taken, but in alphabetical order by state. The exceptions to this rule are those photos which are in vertical format and the panaramas at the beginning. These are just small reminders of the beauty of these United States of America.
There is so much beauty in this great country of ours. It's a shame that there are those in power today, who would destroy it all, if allowed, in the name of money and greed. If you have any appreciation for the natural beauty of these United States, please contact your representatives and senators, and let them know that President Bush cannot be allowed to continue to rape the landscape in favor of his timber and oil buddies. I normally try to keep my political comments confined to my online journal, but this is one subject that I have great passion for. We must preserve the remaining wildlands for our grandchildren. Some of the places Mr. Bush wants to exploit have as little as 8 days supply of oil deposits. And, if allowed to be taken would ruin those tracts forever for wildlife. The trees he would clear cut have been standing for hundreds of years.
The state of Pennsylvania was nearly totally clear cut in the early 20th century and we've not recovered yet. One hundred years later. The only Old Growth Forests remaining in PA are those small areas where the timber companies had border disputes. Help me stop the insanity existing in Washington D.C. today. Join at least one conservation group.

My first stop was Sandusky, Ohio. This park had wonderful displays like this
and the one linking you to this page.

This was in North Dakota. Fields of flowers like this went on for miles.

The flower display in front of the North Dakota Capitol building

Taken at a park in Juneau, Alaska

From the same park

More from Juneau

And another

These two photos were in front of

a home in Juneau

Three photos were taken

near the entrance to

Death Valley National Park

Rocky mountain High

From the park in front of

the Capitol building

in Denver, Colorado

And more from Denver

Boise, Idaho

The three trees here

were donated to

the state of Idaho

and planted by past presidents

of the United States

Twin Falls, Idaho

A park in Indianapolis, Indiana

Jefferson City, Missouri

Helena, Montana

Bismarck, North Dakota

US 83 in North Dakota

New Mexico

This group of

six photographs

was taken during

my wild ride along

the infamous NM Route 126

More photos from the park

in Sandusky, Ohio

My first floral treat

of the trek

These were taken during my

five days in Brookings, Oregon

Salt Lake City

Utah's capitol

These six photos

were taken around

the Utah capitol building

and Rememberance Park

From a park in Olympia

capitol of Washington

More from Olympia

Yet another

And two more from

Olympia, Washington

These two photos and

the one below left were taken on

and around Mount Ranier, Washington

The next five are from

Yellowstone National Park

in Wyoming

More Yellowstone

And more Yellowstone

This is Bear Grass in Wyoming. I found it in several places on my Trek.
There is a close up below.

Rememberance Park, Utah

Olympia, Washington

Mount Ranier, Washington

Bear Grass closeup

Music is "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?"

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