As a conservationist,Theodore Roosevelt was a major figure in American history. In the North Dakota badlands, where many if his personal concerns gave rise to his later environmental efforts, Roosevelt is remembered with a national park that bears his name and honors hie memory as a great conservetionalist. When it was discovered that there was room for a fourth face on Mount Rushmore, Theodore Roosevelt was selected because of his efforts to preserve our national park system. Unfortunately the present administration does not share Roosevelt's love of the environment. And our national park system will feel the pain first.
Aside from the few bufflao I photographed in Nebraska, I had never seen a buffalo outside the confines of a zoo. Imagine my surprise to drive into a herd of them. To be literally surrounded by buffalo. To have one come trotting out of the brush about 8 feet from where I stood. (I better get my butt back in the car)It was fantastic!
I had also never seen a prairie dog. Nor a horse in the wild. Real unbroken wild ponies.
Come. Follow me as I wander through Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Welcome to Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Buffalo herd in the park

Wild horses- a foal gets lunch

Grouping before galloping off

A prairie dog sentry

watching for air attack

Break time

Lunch time

Going home

Anybody home?

The first herd of buffalo I encountered at the park

I drove up a dirt trail for a closer look.

One big guy rolling around made all this dust

A buffalo grazing and aother lazing in the meadow

A big bull

This guy seemed to be boss


And buffalo cows

About ten feet from my car

Bulls grazing

The herd grazing

I couldn't get them all in

This is the guy who had me temporarily frightened. I had gotten out of my car to get a better
vantage point, (there were no buffalo close that I saw) when I turned around to get in the car,
there he was coming through the shrubs. Needless to say I scurried into the car and slammed
the door after taking this. I wasn't going to stand there and frame him though.
This was a big, old bull.

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Theodore Roosevelt National Park Landscape
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