and the Snake River Canyon

Seeing that big hole in the ground gave me a sense that one gets standing at the edge of an ocean. Being in a situation like that is humbling and brings to mind the vastness of the universe in which we reside. As stated earlier when I approached the city of Twin Falls, there was no indication that I was anywhere near something that exciting. I was driving along and saw the town and the bridge not unlike so many I've crossed in my travels. When I drove onto the bridge and saw what it spanned, I was in awe. You can judge for yourself by the photos whether or not I exaggerate.
I was privileged to see a couple of bridge jumpers (legal as you can purchase a permit to jump). When I went to the Twin Falls State Park they didn't even charge admission, because the water of the Snake was being drawn off for irrigation and fighting those wildfires you saw on the previous page. So the falls were a trickle. I would love to see them in full flow. They are taller than Niagara, and the pictures I've seen tell me it is something to see. In a few years I intend to drive coast-to-coast through Canada and into mainland Alaska. After that I think I'll come back to the west and see some of the things I missed this trip. Twin Falls being one of those. The photos of the falls below give one an idea of what Niagara would be like, if Lake Erie dried up.

A rock formation near the falls

A view of the canyon and part of the valley

The bridge to Twin Falls

Anothe view of the canyon

Upper right is a golf course

Looking the other direction

The Twin Falls dry

In these photos you can see the water falling down in a small stream. I wish I had been there in the Spring when the winter run off was in full flow.

The second bridge jumper

After his chute opened

The first to jump. I wasn't aware that they were jumping
until after he went.

The beginning of the sunset over the canyon.
It started out very nicely.

The sunset continues

The haze gets in the way

Peace in the valley

Music is "Bridge Over Troubled Water"

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