~Beautiful Vermont~

Well now, let me tell you about Vermont. Simply stated I could easily have stayed there the entire two weeks. It is beautiful, the people were the friendliest, I met on the trip. The Green Mountains are Paradise, Burlington is a wonderful city, and I'm considering retiring there. It was so inviting, that I made a return trip the weekend of October 6-7. I'd like to go again in January or February to see the mountains covered in snow. "To watch His woods fill up with snow" to steal a phrase from Robert Frost, whose cabin I visited while there. The following sums up my feelings.

The Unitarian Church in Burlington

Downtown Burlington, VT

Another view

Another not-so-good sunset.

A woman brings her boat in.

The B&B where I stayed. Highly recommended!

The Chipman Inn Since 1828 Bill and Joyce were great hosts.

My room was bottom right

What are they doing?

Bobbing for apples!

Montpelier, VT, State capitol

Another view of Montpelier

Only in New England, and I didn't see one moose

The Texas Falls in the Green Mountains

They are part of the White River system

The eroded boulders are beautiful

The Winoski River

Rock of Ages Granite Quarry founded in 1885

Near Barre (Barry), VT

Over 600 feet deep, it extends four miles down

The Vermont State House was the first built with Barre granite

Giant derricks lift titan stones of 40 tons

On the hardness scale diamonds are 10, marble is 3, granite is 7+

Music is "In My Dreams"

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