The Dairy State

There were two things I noticed about Wisconsin soon after I drove about an hour in the state. First, was the smell of cows. One might expect that from a state where a major industry revolves around them. The second thing I noticed was the driving habits of Wisconsin drivers. They get in the left lane and they won't give it up for anything. And they don't care how slow they drive either. I'll probably get some guest book entries refuting this, but it is true and it spills out of the state. On at least four other ocassions, I saw Wisconsin registered vehicles in other states driving the same way. Left lane and five to fifteen miles per hour UNDER the speed limit. Last year it was the motorists in Massachusetts who impressed me as the worst. This year the dubious award goes to Wisconsin. When I lived in Florida, a popular joke was, "When I retire, I'm moving north so I can get in the left lane and drive slow." Too late, Wisconsin holds that title.
Madison is a very beautiful capitol. A lot of art and history is on display there. Come along with me for a tour of Wisconsin.

A dairy farm in Wisconsin

Another dairy farm

A farm in Wisconsin

Another farm on rolling hills

The capitol of Wisconsin

A closer look
I have never been able to catch lightning on film before. As I was driving through Prairie du Chien, WI on US18 I saw a storm across the Mississippi in Iowa. So I pulled over to a parking lot and got lucky three times. This is cloud to cloud lightning. If you look closely, you will see the cloud formation is the same in all three photos. The lightning strikes in different directions and create different colors.

North to South

South to North

Two directions

On a subsequent trip through Wisconsin, I found this unusual rock formation and others similar to it. I didn't expect that here. You can see the snow on the formation and you can see the date of the photos.

Music is "Wisconsin"

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