~Words Are Friends~

I pen these things both day and night,
most of love, but some of fright.
Some take days and some take minutes,
one took many years to finish.

They come about when acts of love
or something else does me shove.
Like foolishness, sadness, or pride,
when I laughed or when I cried.

Some are happy, then some are sad,
some are good and some real bad;
but all are mine from deep within
like my children, they are kin.

On one Tuesday I could not sleep,
rhymes in my head would not keep.
When that little verse was finished,
my sleeplessness diminished.

The first one done, not very good,
but write I should, knew I could.
Penning these has been much fun,
using simile and pun.

The words are friends, whom I talk to
and back to me speak they do.
We tell to each other accounts
as passion, and emotion mounts.

These poems may be useful to no one
save their subjects and this one,
but they give us so much pleasure,
emotions beyond measure.

So I'll keep writing when I need,
I hear a word, or see a seed.
I hope you, too, will enjoy them,
perhaps to find in here a gem.

Me on Waikiki Beach

Music is "Dunbar's Theme"
from Dances With Wolves

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