I planned to see more of Wyoming, but the incident I had with my car in Oregon made it impossible to visit the capitol and a couple of other places I had planned on my way back east. But you will see from these photos that there is much beauty here.
Jackson Hole lies within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, the largest nearly intact natural area remaining in the contiguous United States. Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks, seven national forests and two wildlife refuges comprise most of it's acreage, but federal, state, and private lands also provide essential buffers to this ecosystem and it's free-roaming wildlife.
Bison, elk, bears and eagles once thrived nationwide. Now, these and many other species survive in this island of hope. Preservation of this ecosystem and the wildlife it supports will mean much to future generations. (Source: USNPS)
Unfortunately, our present administration does not share the views of our park service, and has cut staffing drastically, and would cut the forests and remove some species from protection and in short destroy this Ecosystem. It's up to us as individuals through the conservation organizations, such as Defenders of Wildlife and the Sierra Club, to prevent this.

A panoramic view of Jackson Hole, Wyoming with the Grand Tetons on the left and the Gros Ventre Range on the right

You can ride the stage coach in Jackson

Or see art sculpture

A big cat

Eagle attack


Indian brave

The Grand Tetons

And the Gros Ventre Ranges

Provide the borders

for Jackson Hole

The Jackson Lake dam

Is calm on the lake side

But rages to the river

A couple of raptors

Were fishing there

Out Lady of the Mountains Church

I stopped here for Mass on Saturday evening

Many visitors from other states were there

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