On this page are photos, which do not properly fit in the themes of the sub-pages for Yellowstone National Park. It is a collection of photos that I saw as interesting. I hope you will find them that way, too.

Yellowstone is the first national park to be designated in the world

"For the benefit and enjoyment of the people"
And so this is Yellowstone

National Park Mountain 7500 feet

A closer look at it's ruggedness

Another rugged peak

Old dead trees on the Upper Terrace

The ravages of forest fire

The rejuvenation of new growth

A spooky dead tree

Still life left in this one

A deadfall

Evidence of mudslides

Another old interesting tree

Yellowstone's petrified tree
Volcanic ash and mudflows obliterated a living landscape, yet preserved this tree for the ages. There were three redwoods standing here before souvenir-hunters chipped away the other two. Thus the need for a fence around this remaining tree.

The site of Fort Yellowstone

Looking down into the Yellowstone Valley

The two photos above show classic grizzly bear country. The forests on the hillsides offer cover and protection, while the meadows provide food. Yellowstone is grizzly country.

The splendor of Yellowstone

The Yellowstone River Valley

I met some people at one of the overlooks and asked, if I could
photograph their cars for this page. I gave them my website
address to view the photos on the web.

I would cross the 45th Parallel at least six times during my trek.
This was the fourth crossing. The other crossings were in Michigan,
Wisconsin, South Dakota, Idaho and Oregon.

During their fighting retreat toward freedom in Canada, the non-treaty Nez Perce, lead by Chief Joseph, passed directly through Yellowstone National Park in August, 1877. Their route followed this creek. The campaigne ended in northern Montana, just short of their goal. The Nez Perce were re-settled in Oklahoma far from their homelands. I will have more on Chief Joseph and the Ne Perce on the pages for Idaho and Washington.

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