~ Michele's and Derek's Wedding Reception ~

Tradition dictates a reception to follow a wedding ceremony to honor the newly married couple and to celebrate their happiness of the event. This reception was that sort of celebration and honor. The hall was full, the music lively and a great time was had by all in attendance. This was a wedding reception to remember.
May their marriage be filled with Trust, Honor, Understanding, Respect, Acceptance and Love, Always.

NOTE: My guess is that Michele was very tired and stiff, if not sore, on Sunday. She danced every dance throughout the afternoon. The only times I saw her sitting were for the toast, the dinner and the snatching of the garter by Derek.

The entrance of Michele and Derek

The Introduction of the newlyweds

First Dance

First dance continues

Bride and father dance

Bride and father dance continues

Groom and mother, Cathy, dance

Groom and mother continue

Bride's sister, Jean and Cameron

Wedding party at the head table waiting for food

A toast to the new couple

The toast

L to R: Nathan, Brett, Michael, Derek, Michele, Charissa, Melissa and Fallon

My son, Joe, with family, Stephanie, Annika and Lindy

Michele's Uncle Timmy's son, T.J.

Granddaughters, Catherine and Annika dance

The Anniversary cake

The Wedding cakes

More dancing

The reflecting ball

Derek gives the DJ a list, Mistress of Ceremony gets a headache

With Michele's Aunt Susie and Uncle AL

With her Uncle Tim and his wife, Jo Ann

Some of the guests

More of the guests

Old friend of family, David, dancing

Granddaughter, Annika, dances

David's wife, Ingrid, David, Michele and others do The Macarena

More Macarena

Michele, MofC, Nicole and Mary twisting the night away

Pre-cake cutting kiss

Michele dancing again

I have never seen Michele wear makeup

Cake cutting time

Time to eat cake

Michele took the end piece with all the frosting

I hate this, but people expect it

Clean up time

Catherine and Jacob, Derek's nephew, dance

The cake servers

Ready to toss her bouquet

Bouquet away

Garter gone

Derak dances with his aunt Diana

Derek dances with his other aunt, Penny.

Michele and Catherine in the dollar dance

Dollar dance

Dollar dance

Dollar dance

Mary and Jean do the Chicken dance

Same dance

Music is "Annie's Song"

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