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Ever since I saw a route sign for US 19 on a visit to St. Petersburg, Florida, back in the 1980s, I've wanted to drive its entire length. I wanted to know where Peach Street in Erie went. I grew up half a city block from US 19 and Peach St. in Erie, Pennsylvania, three blocks from its northern terminus at the intersection with US Route 20. Mom still lives there.

In the fall of 2009, I decided to find out. It was a casual trip at a snail's pace (over 1800 miles in 69 days) and I saw places that I never expected to see on this journey.

At the southern end of US 19 at its intersection with US Route 41, I decided to head even farther south on the Tamiami Trail and then down FL 997 for a revisit of Everglades National Park.

The entire journey along US 19, US 41, then up I-95 to my daughter's home ran from October 15 to December 22. It was worth every mile.

There were several side trips, which took me up to 30 miles from US 19 and those pages are also included within the two links below.

U.S. Route 19
I took a tour of the entire length of US Route 19 in the fall of 2009. After which, I followed US Route 41, the Tamiami Trail, down and across Florida, then down to Everglades National Park.
Tamiami Trail and Everglades National Park

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