On June 4, 2004, Governor Edward G. Rendell named the largest tract of undeveloped land remaining on the Commonwealth's Lake Erie shoreline as Erie Bluffs State Park, Pennsylvania's 117 th state park. It is the last remaining undeveloped area along the shore of Lake Erie left in Pennsylvania. It consists of old growth hardwood forest, which have largely been left alone. The Park consists of 540 acres of forest with 90 foot bluffs overlooking Lake Erie
In addition to one mile of shoreline with scenic views from the bluffs, Erie Bluffs also contains old-growth forest; rare, endangered and threatened flora; an uncommon oak savannah and a barren ecosystem; exceptional value wetlands; and significant archaeological sites.
Original plans for the park called for a lodge and parking area, but conservation and enviromental groups protested that plan as being an overwhelming invasion of the park's space and ecology. The Governor announced late in 2006 that no further developement of the site would be permitted. It will remain a wild area for people to enjoy as is.

Elk Creek runs along the east edge of the Bluffs

The Park is seen from the winding access road in the distant background. No vehicular traffic is permitted on the road. On the right is a small picnic area between the corn fields, which border the park.

A stand of Sumac

The access road curves along the edge of the park

Berries grow wild in the park

Mighty oak trees

Looking back to the parking area from the edge of the park

I saw many interesting tree trunk formations like these in the park

And these six trunks growing from one and this snakelike tree

The forest lovely, dark and deep

Wild grape vines hang from trees

Lake Erie from the bluff

Looking down the cliff

Geese were in abundance

More geese

The mouth of Elk Creek

Looking up Elk Creek

Fishing for Steelhead

Kayaking on Lake Erie

A lone goose

Looking down the bluffs you can see the root ball of a tree that has fallen from the bluff in the centers of the photos

Something lives here

Mighty oaks and other trees

There's a fungus among us

and a Ladybug

Future oak trees?

Another picnic area

Another view of the access road

Flowers are all over the park

More flowers

Elk Creek and a fisherman

From the other side of Elk Creek, the end of the Bluff slants down to the mouth of the creek around the bend.

Enjoying Elk Creek

Elk Creek meets Lake Erie

Music is "Dreamscape"

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