~ Congaree National Park
Spring ~

Son-in-law, Joe and I took grandkids for a ride in Arvie. We went to Congaree National Park. It was beginning to green up in South Carolina, so I decided make a revisit. I will try to get there in summer and autumn also.
It was a long day and hot, but we had a lot of fun.

The tree on the left seems to be growing new branches very low on the trunk. The red leaves match those higher on the tree. On the right is a close up of an animal home on a crooked tree photographed on my last visit.

I held the camera by the tripod inside an opening in a dead tree. This was at one time a home for bats. Now spiders occupy the "cave." The photo on the right shows how Congaree in greening up.

Some of Congaree stays under water year round

Nicole, Jeremy and Joe at Weston Lake

The Adventurers

Weston Lake

Weston Lake occupant

Nicole and Jeremy take a break

Although the canopy is a long way from blocking the sun, Congaree is wearing the green.

This is a section of "tall trees" with an average height of 130 feet.

Music is "Thems from Forest Gump"

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