~Chimney Rock, NC~

Chimney Rock is a large granite monolith towering over Hickory Nut Falls Gorge in western North Carolina. The park was founded by Dr. Lucius Morse about 100 years ago, and is still owned and operated by his family. The film Last of the Mohicans was partially shot here as the area stood in for the Adirondacks of New York. I suppose New York was too expensive.

Chimney Rock

This is Lake Lure, which is a short distance east of Chimney Rock. My guess is that the lake provides the water for Hickory Nut Falls below.

While driving US64 heading for Lake Lure and Chimney Rock I kept seeing these realtor signs advertising property for sale. As you can see the only land there is vertical. On the other side of the two-lane highway was the lake and enough room for a house here and there. I saw no empty lots. I didn't think land was that scarce in North Carolina. The white ares in the right photo is a spider web.

Two views of Chimney Rock

These four photos are of the town of Chimney Rock, NC. Chimney Rock is a small mountain town.

Hickory Nut Falls
The entire drop from top to the gorge is over 900 feet. The main falls drops 404 feet. For me the falls were a better sight than the rock.

Rocky Broad River

In my travels around the states I've noticed that the South will call any flowing body of water a river. Up north we would call this, and so many other southern rivers I've seen, a Creek.

I found this split rail fence a very interesting subject.

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