~Mary's Visit~

Mary and her children came back to Erie with me after Christmas. This was the first time thay had met my mother.
We also visited Presque Isle State Park and Dobbins Landing, and toured parts of the city to view the Christmas lights.

Mary, Mom, Me (I am not that short)
Jeremy and Nicole

At Dobbin's landing otherwise known as "the dock" the kids had to chase pigeons. The structure being built in the background is our soon-to-be Casino.

Kids and pigeons don't seem to ever get cold and Nicole and Jeremy had to "ride" the Sea Lions, but Mary and I were freezing our butts off.

After the wind chased us away from Dobbin's Landing, we headed to the other side of the Bay to Presque Isle State Park. It was no warmer there, but the wind wasn't as harsh. And, of course, Jeremy just had to test the water. Ayuh, it was cold!

Even the trees were cold

Nicole gathers rocks

This light marks the north side of the channel into the bay

The Old Erie Light on Lake Erie

Kids exploring and Mary freezing

Mary heads back to the car

The Channel Light again

The kids are called back

This is the lakeside of the peninsula

Surf's up!

Naked trees

The waves break over the breakers that protect the beaches from erosion. Well, they do help somewhat.

Nicole checks out the big rocks and Jeremy, well, he's down at the shore getting his feet wet again.

Music is "By The Sea"

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