~ Erie Pennsylvania, 2009 ~

While walking around Celebrate Erie 2009, I photographed several buildings that bring back memories from high school and college days and life in Erie in general.

Looking out West 12th Street at the ole Erie Resister complex

I passed this beautiful tree on the way to city center

The old Erie Playhouse

And the new
The present day site of the Erie Playhouse was once the Strand movie theater. I watched many movies in this theater

The rear of the YMCA

Colorful but a long way from the dock

YMCA front entrance

The old Bell Telephone building

The old Warner Theater, which is now part of the Erie Civic Center

Our new phone company Verizon
The Warner Theater building is on the National Register of Historical Sites and has been renovated several times. It is the performing site of the Erie Philharmonic Orchestra

The full marquis of the Warner Theater

The Boston Store, Erie Landmark
The official name of the Boston Store, which is what everyone called it, is the Erie Dry Goods Company. "I'll meet you under the clock!" The clock was not the one on the tower, but a large clock suspended from the ceiling on the first floor. It was a popular place to meet someone, when downtown.
The Boston Store went out of business during the period when seemingly all business vacated the downtown for the suburbs and the opening of the Millcreek Mall. It underwent a massive renovation and is now an appartment building.

Erie's tallest building, The Renaissance Centre

The main entrance to Renaissance Centre
Although only 14 stories tall, this building has been a familar point of meeting, second only to the Boston Store clock. The original name for this building was the G. Daniel Baldwin (prominent Erie developer) Building. When it changed, I do not know as I was living in Florida at that time. They really spelled it "centre" giving it a Canadian flair.


9th Street looking east from State Street
Erie was once known at the city of trees. Shade trees grew throughout the city on all streets. Along the way many were cut down for one reason or another. A movement developed to replace Erie's trees and now there are young trees lining the sidewalks.

Logo on the side of the Water Works building

Trash can mobile
Why these trash cans are hanging from the side of the building, I have no idea, but it made for an interesting subject.

Erie Munincipal Building front

And back or vice versa

No matter where I go, I seem to run into weddings

Frog Art is still around, but the Fish Art seems to be gone

Some buildings at dusk

The Centenial Tower on Dobbins Landing (The Dock)

Saint Peter Cathedral

Cathedral Preparatory School, my alma mater
Another of the same, my battry died on this shot
Cathedral Prep so named due to the affiliation with St. Peter's Cathedral was my home away from home from 1955 to 1959. The area in the left photo was where graduation exercise was held. Ifthe sign was not there, you could see the "porch" on the left side,where we paraded across to recieve our diplomas. In the right photo the flags were not there, but on the 9th Street sied of the school. This shot is of the 10th Street entrance.

Two views of "Old Main" the administration building for then Gannon College. The college has grown into a University now and is spread all over the lower west side of downtown Erie. The University is named for Archbishop John Mark Gannon, who founded the college shortly after WWII.

A classroom building and the Gannon Auditorium. Hammermill Center

Another Gannon building about four blocks from the main campus

Music is "Photographs and Memories"
by Jim Croce

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