~Summertime In Erie, PA~

The following photos were taken in my home town during the summer of 2006.

Chipmunk stealing fallen bird feed

Tom Ridge Nature Center tower

Ridge Nature Center

Irish Imports Shop

Sailing Presque Isle Bay

Ducks on Presque Isle Bay

The Erie Stone
A Historical Marker from which the city was laid out. It sits at the foot of Parade Street, which was the original main street of Erie.
Erie's main street at present is State Street.

Erie County Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Erie Lighthouse

Matching homes

Large home with addition

Historical Markers for Fort Presque Isle

Erie County Court House
The plaques commorate the three forts that occupied the bliff overlooking Presque Isle Bay to protect it from attack. The first was a French fort, Fort de la Presqui'le built in 1753. Ater losing the Battle of Fort Niagara, the French burned the fort and left the area. The British built a new fort, Fort Presque Isle on the same spot. The British lost the fort to the Pontiac's Rebellion, and most of the British soldiers were killed when they left the fort. The third occupant of the area was General Anthony "Mad Anthony" Wayne in 1786. In 1795 200 of his troops under the direction of Captain John Grubb built a third Fort Presque Isle as part of a defense against Native American uprisings. General Wayne was stricken ill at Fort Presque Isle and died there in 1796. At his request, his body was buried under the flagpole of the northwest blockhouse of the fort. This blockhouse burned in 1852. In 1880, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania reconstructed the blockhouse at Second and Ash Streets, Erie, as a memorial to General Wayne. The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission has recognized the reconstructed blockhouse as eligible for placement on the National Register of Historic Places.

Some of Erie's Churches

I suppose this is a flagstone

Momma and ducklings on Mill Creek

B'rer Rabbit

Long ago we used to circumnavigate the gate barring foot traffic across this structure. It appears to have been a dam to stop the flow of Mill Creek into the city of Erie. Perhaps during the period when Mill Creek was placed underground inside the city limits. On the right, waves strike the boat launch at Shades Beach.

The bluffs overlooking Lake Erie at Shades Beach

Sparkling waters

Eight Mile Creek empties into Lake Erie at Shades Beach

Grandfather and granddaughters

The bluffs to the east



The Photographer

Like a small fishing village you might find in the Florida Keys or Nova
Scotia, Ferncliff provides one of the few "on the water" living
experiences in Erie County. A dozen or more cottage style homes
snuggled wall-to-wall make up the community of Ferncliff. The
settlement began in the late 1800s. Ferncliff's narrow residences are
unassuming treasures of Erie's past. Their frontyard is the bay and
their backyards are the steep bluffs behind. As recent as the 1960s
the area was still largely used only by fishermen from outside Erie,
who vacationed on the lake. Now residents are doctors, lawyers,
teachers, and other professions. The fishermen for the most part
have gone.

Each cottage has its dock

The shore of Presque Isle Bay

Music is "My Home Town"

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