Pets and Florida Activities Winter 2006

Bryant's Tennis Match

Daniel at the Swim Team Banquet

Orlando Science Center

The Orlando Sciencs Center

Melissa and Bryant taking pics

Melissa, Bryant and Catherine at OSC

Catherine, Melissa and Bryant heading home

Brevard Country High School Choral All-Star Concert

The King Center, Melbourne, FL

Brevard County Choral All-Stars

Bryant in Tuxedo and Tennis shoes

The Choral Group with Steel Drum Band

The Middle School All-Sstars

Bryant the Artist

Bryant's Art

Several pieces of Bryant's art work were selected to be displayed at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center.

Chicken (from aluminum cans)

Crane (First Prize winning sculpture)

Einstein (Photo with Oil)

Woodpecker from wood

Crane with ribbon

Abby, my daughter's three legged cat

Max, a way too docile cat

Dakota, best dog on earth

Fifi, Daniel's kitten (wild)

Dakota outdoors

Kennedy Space Center

At the Visitors Center

Early rockets

The Gemini launch assembly

The Space Shuttle external fuel tank and rockets
More photos of and from the Kennedy Space Center and Atlantis are HERE.

Orlando Magic

I took Bryant and Daniel to see an Orlando Magic game against the Miami Heat. Orlando got clobbered, and Miami went on to the NBA Finals.

Pre-game talk

Dwight Howard free throws

Grant Hill free throws

Deshawn Stevenson slam dunk

Mario Kasun dunk

A shot over Shaq

Drum Corps entertainment

Magic Dancers

Music is "Distant Dreams"

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