~ The Beauty of the Place ~

Below are photos I took, while visiting Mae. One section contains those subjects pointed out to me by Mae, when we were at the park. It truly is a beautiful place and I hope you enjoy these images of a little piece of heaven. I have been to many peaceful and beautiful places during my travels, but this place ranks up with the best of them. It was so quiet there that many times the only sounds were the wind whispering through the trees.

We spent hours by fires like this one on six of the nine nights I was there

The Home and the Neighborhood

The Pond

Every day the Cardinal

Goose in a neighbor's pond

Neighbor's foot bridge

The crystal

The tortoise

Neighbor's horse

Mae's flowers

Neighbor's tree

Mae's tree



Sun through Kenny's trees

Neighbor's foot bridge

In the Park with Mae

The birds are well fed

Geese and ducks abound

An island in the big pond

Mae's eye for beauty

More of Mae's subjects

Mae's ducks

My ducks

Mae's hidden pond

Mae's fishing people

Final Photos

The dream catcher

The wind chimes

The driveway

More of Mae's flowers

The fire pit

The patio

The Swing and Worm tracks
The swing where so many interesting conversations took place. We did have fun there.
A worm made this pattern in the carport.

Music is "Secret Places"
from the John Two Hawks Good Medicine CD

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