I took a trip to Minnesota to meet a friend. While there (and on the way back home) I took many photos. Normally I visit cities of the world in the summer, but you will see this was very close to winter. Even penguins shouldn't have to live in this climate. heheheheheh Well, it was colder in Minnesota than in Erie at the time, but we win the battle for most snow.

One of Minnesota's 10,000 lakes

Snow angles

Tree stumps

Blue Jay


Minneapolis Skyline

More of it

That's the Mississippi River down there

Mississippi under ice

More skyline

The skyline above was photogaphed from under the bridge on the left, and the Mississippi from under the bridge on the right.

Downtown Minneapolis

More downtown

The Metrodome

I have no idea

Minneapolis side street

The Trip Home
The trip home was not as easy as my trip out to Minnesota. When I reached Chicago, I began to run into the lake effects snow "storm of the century." Well, at least the storm of the season, so far. I managed to make it through Indiana, but had to stop for the night in Ohio. I believe I could have made it home, if not for the accident in Wisconsin. A tractor-trailer decided to park in the bed of a pickup truck. I lost about two hours there. Thousands of vehicles were parked on the Interstate. (see photos below) I tracked the distance from where I stopped to the scene of the accident and it was two miles. In two hours how many cars would be behind me?

On my way to Minnesota I saw several interesting rock formations, but it was too late in the day to photograph them. In the snow I was only able to find this one on the return trip.

Wisconsin wild flowers in winter

The BIG parking lot

Two naked trees on a ridge

A Wisconsin farm

The Chicago skyline (somewhere)

The trip home was hairy to say the least. Visibility was measured in inches, not miles. I only braved this storm as far as the Indiana/Ohio border. I found a motel and stayed the night. The morning wasn't much better, and I didn't fine a cleared highway until I crossed into Pennsylvania. I guess the winter is just too much for the Ohio road crews.

Music is "Hey, You, White Snows!"
by Rimskij-Korsakov

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