~A Visit to my friend, Penny~
her Family and to Great Falls National Park, Virginia~

Penny and I have been reading each other's online journals at least four years. The earliest comments I can find are from July 5, 2004. However, due to a hacker at the Open Diary site in 2004, I lost most of my entries and notes prior to that date.
On my way to visit my daughters in South Carolina and Florida, I stopped of in Virginia to finally meet this talented artist, whose work I have enjoyed since the beginning.
One house, four people� I should say one beautiful house, four beautiful people. Penny, her husband, Danny, her lovely mother, Hilda, and Danny's teenaged daughter, Ali. Four beautiful people outside and in, who made me feel at home.
Saturday was a busy day. After a slightly more nutritious breakfast than I normally eat and an introduction to her mother, Penny and I headed off to Great Falls National Park. And we walked and walked and walked some more and shot some great photos of Great Falls. Enjoy those photos below. When we returned from Great Falls, I met Penny�s husband, Danny and his daughter, Ali.
The afternoon period was spent mostly in Penny�s studio looking at her art work and her new book about time. Hilda joined us after a bit and we had a wonderful conversation. Penny, Hilda and I have many common interests and ideas about life, how to live it and politics.
In the evening, we walked Penny�s dog, Bohdi. Hilda and I walked on ahead to talk, while Penny and Ali followed along at Bohdi's much slower pace.
Sunday afternoon, I took the Difficult Run Trail down to the Potomac. I haven�t figured it out exactly, but the trail must be two to three miles one way. I met a lot of fellow trail walkers and riders along the way. Many of whom did not speak English.
Down at the river, it was peaceful and serene. I followed the Potomac as far as I could along the bank. I came to a place where it was either turn back or climb a cliff. I was not in a climbing mood and I did want to get back during daylight hours. I turned back.
Monday morning It was time to leave for Mary�s. I said goodbye to Danny and Ali as they left for her swimming practice. When Penny came out we talked a while, then I prepared Arvie for the trip. She and I said goodbye at the head of the driveway and shared another hug.
Penny and I had wanted to meet for a few years. She was even in Erie with Americas Most Wanted, while I was still working, but her schedule would not allow for much personal time. It was the one thing (usually my travel schedule) or another always getting in the way. I am very happy that we finally got that chance. As usual in meetings of this type most planned events get sidetracked by the living of life. But I did have a great time and would only change one thing, if it were possible. That would be to take my walk to the Potomac earlier in order to attend the swimming banquet with them Sunday evening.
My sincere thanks to you Penny and to your family for your hospitality. I had a great time.

Great Falls on the Potomac River in Virginia

Where does all the water come from?

Penny at Great Falls

An interesting plant growing in Great Falls N.P.

Eight Turkey buzzards in one shot

Great blue heron on the Potomac

Kayakers come straight down the chutes here

Me at Great Falls (photo by Penny)

Looking down over the edge

An interesting tree in the park

Burls in an old tree


White water rafting class on the Potomac

Virginia side of Great Falls

This is Spin, one of Penny's shadows



Hilda, wonderful conversationalist

Penny, Ali and Danny getting dinner ready

Neighborhood cat, Budder look-alike, except for eye color

Arvie and the house

Starting the Difficult Run trail

Fair weather crossing of Difficult Run

Cane or reeds along the stream

Green Tiger beetle

I saw many fishermen along the trail

And families enjoying the water

Many ferns were around

Another family outing

Kayakers on the Potomac

More fishermen

More kayakers

Looking up the river from the Virginia bank

A lone kayaker comes down the river

Another family gathering along Difficult Run

Fishing or relaxing

Looking up Difficult Run

This is a very peaceful, serene place

Self portrait along the trail

Penny's main shadow, Bohdi

Music is "Liebestraume No. 3"
by Franz Liszt
for Hilda

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